What Are The Benefits Of Working With GO Concepts?

Since 1997, GO Concepts has been providing reliable, friendly, and knowledgeable support to thousands of customers in the public and private sectors. We can support your IT infrastructure, your backend systems, and be your front-line help desk for your entire staff.

You’ll Have Cost-Effective and Customized IT Services & Solutions

When you retain GO Concepts as your Managed Service Provider (MSP), you can easily budget for IT services because your costs become predictable and part of an overall long-term IT plan for your business, organization, or governmental subdivision.

  • You pay a monthly fee per user for the services and support you receive.

  • We take over the responsibility, risk, and liability associated with your IT infrastructure.

  • We customize the services based on your specific and unique needs.

  • We help you define strategies that meet your goals and stay within your budget.

  • We help you…

    • reduce risk
    • be more compliant
    • improve efficiency
    • be more productive
    • educate your staff
    • protect your operations, network, data
    • worry less
    • get time back

Your IT Is Monitored 24/7/365 For Reliability, Security & Compliance

When you retain managed services from GO Concepts, the focus shifts to a proactive approach and prevention. We remotely monitor the health of your IT system on a 24/7/365 basis, ensuring your IT systems are up-to-date, secure, functioning, and compliant.

This prevents downtime and security issues. Plus, we can detect and fix many issues before you even notice there’s a problem.

You’ll have a Layered Security Solution with:

  • Network and Perimeter Security

  • Employee Security Awareness Training

  • Data Protection

  • Simulated Phishing Tests

  • Email and Web Security

  • Dark Web Scans and Monitoring

  • Wireless Network Security

We can implement a comprehensive, ongoing, company-wide compliance program that includes things like comprehensive policies and procedures. And, we’ll perform Security Risk Assessments and ongoing security awareness training for all your employees.

You Can Save Money With Our Private Cloud Services

Cloud technologies have simplified and even brought down the costs of doing business when it comes to information technology. They provide the services and solutions that were once only available to large corporations.

From remote access to your specific applications and data, to secure email and full Remote Desktops, cloud solutions will not only make your operations the most efficient they can be but allow your staff to work when and where they need to while helping those you serve enjoy a better customer service experience.

Cloud solutions are scalable and flexible and can be increased or cut back as your operations change. You can retain multiple cloud services unique to your business without complex IT systems, an endless array of servers, and the advanced technicians needed to fix them when they break down.

You also solve the mission-critical need for a reliable and secure data back-up and retention solution. This ensures your private data is both available and protected, and provides you with a must-have disaster recovery solution to guarantee the continuity of your business.

And you can lower your IT infrastructure expenses. By retaining our private cloud services, you reduce the need for onsite solutions by using our on-premise datacenter and private cloud solution. Not only can you save on hardware, but also the energy, space, and additional equipment it uses.

You’ll Always Have Responsive Help-Desk Support When You Need It

When you need fast service, a knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced help desk professional from The GO Premium Support Team will be here to help.

Availability and fast response are a high priority. Bad actors and hackers don’t care about your schedule. Our team will employee industry-leading systems to help protect your business, provide quick and up-to-date training for your employees, and do everything we can proactively to make sure your systems and software work as expected.

When/if you do need help, you can trust that you’ll have someone to contact who will assist you quickly, either remotely or on-site, to get your issue resolved. And they won’t make you feel more frustrated or like you don’t understand the process!

When you retain our Managed Services, you’ll have the fast and effective IT support from experienced professionals who know your systems, understand your specific needs and processes, and care about you.

To summarize all these benefits and others… With GO Concepts, you “Don’t worry about IT.”

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