How GO Concepts Makes Ohio Office Boundaries Vanish

Cloud computing for organizations and businesses hasn’t just taken off; it’s retiring old office practices and shaping the way work gets done. Not just how we work or when we work but, more importantly, “where we work.” Thanks to the cloud, traditional office boundaries continue to vanish for many.

office boundaries vanish

Gone are the days where you are forced to drive to a building, park your vehicle, grab your lunch, and make a mad dash to clock-in. Now we work from home, the airport, a hotel, in an individual’s home, and yes, thanks to the cloud, even on a sandy tropical beach halfway around the world. We can now work on our time or better yet, in a manner that best meets the needs of those we are working to serve.

This remote-work revolution is not just for large companies, as many would think, it encompasses organizations and businesses of all sizes, locations, and industries from both the public and private sectors. Small businesses, start-ups, non-profits, governmental organizations, and entrepreneurs of all types have embraced this new normal. They are comfortable working remotely online and expecting the cloud, more namely their applications and data to follow them everywhere they go.

Consider the advantage an outside salesperson has gained from the cloud. In years past, they lugged a thick and heavy black briefcase from one client location to the next. Shuffling through papers and telling the client, “I didn’t know you needed those files. I didn’t bring them with me. I’ll have to get back with you.

The cloud has retired that practice. The new briefcase is smaller, fits in the palm of your hand, and is a cloud-friendly mobile device. It’s your phone, your tablet, your laptop, all connected in real-time to your office, files, emails, applications, and the individuals you serve.

Here’s what happens now with a cloud-friendly salesperson. Today’s sales rep is sitting in the client’s office and is asked for the files, “No problem!” They lean back in their chair, whip out their mobile device, and with a few keystrokes, they’ve accessed the cloud, clicked on the files, and seconds later, the client is reviewing the documents on their computer.

But it gets better. Let’s look at how a remote conference call meeting is easy using the cloud. You’re in Tokyo, Japan. Your clients are in Lima, Peru – Paris, France, and Des Moines, Iowa. “Ladies and gentlemen, the revisions have been written, and as we speak, I’ve just pulled them from the cloud and sent the documents from my tablet to your screens.” Just think a few short years ago that wasn’t possible.

How about when the cloud assists your professional IT technician in Lebanon, Ohio running a scan from his workstation, of your systems for your organization located anywhere in the State of Ohio.

Cloud computing gives you and your organization a huge advantage in delivering the vital services you provide. It gives you the ability to work virtually anywhere, more effectively, and more efficiently, and you’ll never miss an opportunity to make sure the job gets done. You’ll have better work/life balance in the process. The cloud possibilities are endless. Your organization’s boundaries are in place only by how far you want to go.

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