If your Ohio organization serves the developmentally disabled community, you’re likely already considering or using software solutions developed by Primary Solutions.

The motto of Primary Solutions is “Freeing You To Serve,” and they’ve developed their line of software products around making service to clients simpler for your organization.

What Products Does Primarysoutions.Net Offer DD Organizations?

GatekeeperGatekeeper is a product that is geared toward operational efficiency. At the core of this software solution is its module design. Information input into one module is populated into the other modules that the organization has chosen and is then available to those who have the appropriate role-based credentials to access the specific module and data set.

What modules are available in Gatekeeper?

  • Day Services
  • Country Billing
  • Case Notes
  • Care Tracker Interface
  • Billing Archive
  • Allocation Recovery
  • Individual Budgets
  • Incident Tracking
  • Forms
  • Employment
  • Document Imaging
  • Demographics
  • Plan
  • Personnel
  • Outcomes and Services
  • Mental Health Billing
  • Medical History
  • Local Payment
  • Workshop
  • Transportation
  • Incident Tracking
  • Survey
  • Service Authorization
  • Report Server

With all these modules available to the DD organization, each organization has the ability to tailor their module configuration to serve their organization and their clients best.

How Does An IT Support Company Help A DD Organization Use Gatekeeper?

IT support companies, such as GO Concepts, help DD organizations here in Ohio determine which modules will best fit their workflow and then work with staff to implement either an entirely new instance of Gatekeeper or to add new modules as their growth needs require. Following the initial implementation and configuration, ongoing IT maintenance, management, and monitoring to ensure proper function, security, and uptime.

Does Gatekeeper Work With Any Other Industry-Standard Applications?

Yes! Gatekeeper has built-in capability to integrate with Intellinetics, Infomaker, ADP, QuickBooks, and others. In addition to built-in integration options, an IT support company that is familiar with Gatekeeper can build integrations and automation to support workflow between Gatekeeper and application integration not supported by Gatekeeper “out of the box.”

Infal – Infal is an accounting program for DD organizations that has flexibility beyond what is available through software packages such as QuickBooks and Sage. Infal can be easily integrated with Gatekeeper and according to the developers and Primary Solutions has, “three specialized applications for professionals in the Developmental Disabilities support community.” Infal like Gatekeeper is built on a module model. Out of the box, Infal includes three modules: Financials, Medicaid Billing, and Workshop Payroll.

How does having an IT support company on your side help you in your use of Infal?

You use Infal because you are already sold on its ability to accommodate the nuances of your DD organization. It’s an exceptional tool. But what Infal doesn’t have built-in is an overall strategy to secure the financial data that the program holds. Cybersecurity strategy is something that is done on the network level. This is where IT support professionals step into the picture. Companies like GO Concepts work diligently and put automation and monitoring in place that ensures a high level of data protection for Infal data as well as data across the IT environment used by your organization.

Can Gatekeeper and Infal be run in an RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) scenario?

Some DD organizations need the capability of working from another workstation in a large facility or from the field. To enable this remote work, GO Concepts currently supports DD organizations that have Primary Solutions applications running in RDP sessions.

What Does IT Support For Primary Solutions Applications Cost?

Unfortunately, because of variables such as organization size and systems complexity, it’s impossible in this article to provide numbers. However, if you give the GO Concepts team a call, we’re happy to assess your needs and give you some firm numbers.

What Problems Are There With Primary Solutions Software?

There are currently no outstanding issues with Primary Solutions software that aren’t being addressed by the software development team. Software updates are released annually along with maintenance releases when needed. The last gatekeeper maintenance release was in April of 2018. 2018.1 Gatekeeper Maintenance Release

What are people saying about Primary Solutions?

A quick survey of their social media presence gives a very favorable impression of Primary Solutions and people’s happiness with their products.

“Outstanding company with leaders willing to go the extra mile to do what is right! They are innovative, collaborative and show tremendous patience! All qualities of a great software company.”

“Great company, great people, great product…!”

Want to learn more about Primary Solution’s software products and how GO Concepts supports the use of those products in DD organizations? Give us a call. We’d be happy to talk.

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