We all know someone, maybe even ourselves, that has operated under the “it’s fine” mentality at some point in his or her life. The squeaking noise the car makes when we brake doesn't sound right, but hey, it still works fine. Of course, in no time at all, that little squeak becomes grinding an[...] | Read More

When it comes to watching videos online, no name comes to mind more often than YouTube. They host nearly 2 billion users each month. 60% of people now prefer watching YouTube to watching TV. 80% of people under 49 are watching videos on YouTube. It’s popular. We get it. Everyone is on it. And th[...] | Read More

Local Guides have contributed content about hundreds of thousands of businesses. They get together and have held meetups and conducted projects in Europe, India, South America, North America, Australia, and Asia. How Are Google’s Local Guides Different From Google Users? People have been contribu[...] | Read More

Most people know not to open email attachments from senders that they do not know. Unfortunately, it is not just attachments from strangers that you have to be on the lookout for. It happens quite often that people will get emails that seem to be from known senders that have malicious attachments, [...] | Read More

An Interview With John Gambill, Jr. CEO of GO Concepts Inc   John, how did you get involved in this crazy world we call Managed Services? I believe you never feel as old as you are, but we’re going back 22 years ago now. Back in 1997, during the days of dial-up and ISDN, here came GO Con[...] | Read More