What’s Protecting Your Workflow?

Business Continuity Consulting and Strategy

Companies throughout Ohio are just one lightning strike or ransomware demand away from not being able to deliver their goods and services. This situation has been created as a direct result of the fact that business processes are heavily reliant upon technology. When on-site technology is negatively impacted by unexpected events, all the internal processes supported by that technology are put at risk.

The Things That Could Cause Your Business Processes Harm

  • Storms
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Ransomware
  • Hacks
  • Malware
  • Human Error
  • Vandalism

What Does GO Concepts Do to Preserve Your Access to Essential Data and Workflow? The Elements of a Business Continuity Protocol

Business continuity is something that all organizational leaders consider from time to time. Unfortunately, the busyness of running your company or organization usually takes you away from the assessment, planning, and implementation of well-thought-out business continuity protocols. The GO Concepts team understands, and we’re here to make sure that you and your employees have the unfettered access to your documents, spreadsheets, databases, applications, and operating systems.

Here are the things that we do to provide you with always-on, disaster-resistant workflows.

  • Fortification – making sure that your systems are protected against electrical surges and cyber attacks
  • Virtualization – leveraging cloud assets to duplicate your data, applications, and computers within a cloud environment, or moving your IT process entirely into the cloud
  • Automation – providing automatic backups that seamlessly sync ongoing work processes on-site with the backup versions within the cloud
  • Reaction – responding quickly to your requests for help when and if disaster strikes
  • Remote Access – ensuring you have secure, reliable, and easy to use access to your data and applications
  • Education – working with your senior staff and employees to give them tools to work safely online and provide them with an understanding of their individual roles in enacting the business continuity protocols when required
  • Relocation – helping you move the IT side of your workflow to your alternate facility if required

What Are the Advantages of Implementing a Business Continuity Strategy?

  • Confidence in your ability to weather whatever comes your way
  • Ability to meet client demands and deadlines
  • Capacity to keep employees working
  • Assurance that workflow, data, and proprietary information will not be lost
  • Continued flow of income from uninterrupted workflow

Is Business Continuity Strategy Always About Moving Workflow from One Facility to Another?

No, disasters come in all shapes and sizes. Some impact your internal IT for hours…some for months. The important thing is to be prepared. Our response to those varied disasters needs to be tailored to each event. It’s not always necessary to change locations. But whatever the appropriate response to the specific situation, you need to have the IT readiness to make the right choice for your operation. We’ll give you that readiness capacity.

We know you have a choice when it comes to IT service & support for your Ohio organization. Choose the team that has the experience and knowledge you can trust for cost-effective, secure, and reliable information technology. Choose GO Concepts and “Don’t worry about IT.”

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