Who is Your Guide to the World of Cloud Computing?

The GO Concepts team finds secure, innovative ways for you to harness the array of benefits found by moving some or all your workflow to the cloud. Ohio companies of all sizes now leverage cloud assets to help them be more mobile and agile.

Why Do Small to Mid-size Businesses Make Use of the Cloud?

Although everyone from fortune 500 organizations to startups is using the cloud, the organizations that most benefit from hosted cloud solutions are those in the small to mid-size business market. Why? Because cloud options have made enterprise-level computing options available to small to mid-size companies within a scalable format. Now, the tools that were once only accessible to the “big boys” are now being leveraged by smaller organizations, helping them compete both locally and globally.

In addition to the benefits of scalability, the cloud offers:

  • Greater Security
  • Geo-redundancy
  • Legislative and Industry Standards Compliance
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Business Continuity Capability
  • Mobile Workflow Options
  • Secure, Reliable Remote Access

What Can Our Organization Move into the Cloud?

Every business asks different things of the cloud. Some companies only need a secure, offsite place to house their data. For other businesses, a cloud-hosted workflow is essential for their geo-diverse workforce. The reasons for leveraging cloud assets are as diverse as the businesses that make up our Ohio economy. However, here are the things that our clients most often move into the cloud.

  • Data
  • Applications
  • Computers and Servers (virtualization)
  • Email

What is the Cloud and How Does it Work?

When people talk about “the cloud,” they often aren’t quite sure what the term means. But it’s really quite simple. “The cloud” can refer to any data center that is used to host data and workflow placed there by businesses located elsewhere.

There are three types of cloud infrastructure: private, public, and hybrid.

The easiest way to think about cloud infrastructure is to compare it to storing your furniture. You can build your own house or garage to store the furniture, you can rent storage space from someone else, or you can use a combination of the two. Cloud hosting is similar. You can either design and build your own cloud server setup, you can rent server space in someone else’s data center, or you can use a combination of your own servers and the rented server space.

For the most part, companies are moving away from their own private cloud setups because of the up-front and maintenance costs involved. Some, however, are willing to pay the price for their own private cloud implementation citing security and compliance considerations. Sometimes, a hybrid or combination of public and private cloud scenarios is leveraged to get the benefits of both options.

When a company moves its data or internal processes into a cloud environment, the Internet can be used by both remote and on-site employees to securely access that data or utilize the hosted IT assets (applications on virtualized computers or servers).

Why Are Virtual Datacenter Services The Best Solution?

Our Virtual Datacenter Services take advantage of the GO Concepts Private Cloud, housed in our on-premise Datacenter. Designed to remain live 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, 365-days-a-year, our Datacenter has been carefully constructed from day one of entering our location as a self-contained, climate-controlled, real-time monitored facility housing our core servers, virtual private servers, network equipment, diversely routed Internet fiber backbone connectivity, and our customers’ vital data.

Our Datacenter also houses our secure colocation facility, which allows customers all the advantages of a top-quality datacenter at an affordable cost for their mission-critical online applications. Working with industry-leading companies like Pure Storage, VMware, Veeam, Lenovo, Cisco, and Microsoft, we can provide our customers with the best solutions to meet their information technology needs.

This attention to detail is what ensures The GO Concepts Private Cloud is secure and available for our Virtual Datacenter Services customers around the clock, when they need it, achieving some of the highest quality reliability and performance of any companies. The GO Concepts Private Cloud complements our Managed IT Services, providing worry-free server infrastructure for our clients.

Why choose the GO Concepts Private Cloud?

  • Experience & Peace of Mind
    • Founded in 1997, GO Concepts has been using cloud technology since 2009 and is continually implementing new emerging technologies
    • You know exactly who you are dealing with, GO Concepts is locally owned and operated
    • We have years of experience as a trusted cloud provider offering private cloud solutions to small businesses, corporations, government entities, not-for-profit organizations, and we have tailor-made solutions to fit any size
  • Security
    • Our datacenter requires multi-factor authentication for access, is video/audio monitored, and our Virtual Datacenter Services client’s virtual servers and data are segmented and secured in their own area
    • We operate our own datacenters so you know exactly where your data is and who can access it
    • Our cloud is operated to meet HIPAA guidelines; in addition to being fully HIPAA audited, there is ongoing security and HIPAA evaluations being performed
  • Reliability
    • Get the guaranteed reliability of big-name cloud providers, with the personal touch of an Ohio-based company specialized in supporting varying types of businesses and organizations
    • All the features of a professional datacenter: conditioned power, battery backup, generator power, 24/7 security monitoring, redundant fiber Internet, and automated backups with off-site replication and disaster recovery
  • Performance & Productivity
    • Never worry about server warranties or outdated hardware when using The GO Concepts Private Cloud. We are continually upgrading and improving the hardware resources with no downtime or additional cost to you
    • Secure Remote access solutions can integrate The GO Concepts Private Cloud with your existing network or allow secure remote access to increase employee mobility

We know you have a choice when it comes to IT service & support for your Ohio organization. Choose the team that has the experience and knowledge you can trust for cost-effective, secure, and reliable information technology. Choose GO Concepts and “Don’t worry about IT.”

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