Put a Full Team of Cybersecurity Professionals on Your Side to Protect Your Investment and the Livelihood of Your Employees.

GO Concepts is a trusted Managed IT Services provider serving Ohio. Since 1997, our team of dedicated cybersecurity technicians has been working diligently to make sure vulnerabilities within our clients’ IT systems are eliminated and everything within their IT environment is fortified against hackers, malware, adware, phishing attempts, and ransomware. We work with our clients’ employees to help educate them to better understand their key role in keeping their company safe, helping create a culture of cybersecurity within their organization.

Four Benefits of Using a Locally based Cybersecurity Management Team

  • An in-depth understanding and commitment to the prosperity of the Ohio economy and business community
  • Local accountability to provide greater confidence
  • Rapid, on-site response to security issues if needed
  • The opportunity for both remote and on-site services from local technicians

Our team of IT security professionals isn’t new to cybersecurity, and we don’t have to learn on the job. The organizational leaders that hire us have confidence in us because of our experience, our ties to the community, and our credibility as a trusted information technology company since 1997.

What is the GO Concepts Cybersecurity Management Offering?

There are dozens of companies in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas that happily advertise “Cybersecurity Management,” but what is included under that service name varies wildly from company to company. When the GO Concepts team talks about Cybersecurity Management, we are referring to much more than setting up a firewall and updating your company’s antivirus from time to time. Instead, we believe Cybersecurity Management is a comprehensive approach to your entire IT infrastructure, bringing each IT asset into line and building out a matrix of protection around your workflow and data; a key component of our Managed IT Services.

  • IT Maintenance and Monitoring – The day-to-day updates, upgrades, and fixes needed to keep your systems running
  • Firewall Implementation, Configuration, and Management – Choosing the right firewall for your application and remotely updating it to stay current with emerging threats
  • Password Management – Helping your staff choose, remember, and protect their login credentials by automating the process
  • Two-Factor Authentication – Utilizing a two-step system to ensure that bad actors can’t access your systems, even if a password becomes compromised
  • Antivirus Implementation, Configuration, and Management – Leveraging business-class antivirus, keeping it updated, and monitoring it 24/7 for anomalies that may indicate trouble
  • Rapid Incident Response – Dealing with security issues remotely or on-site as required – often before you even notice there was a problem
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery – Ensuring the backing up of data and workflow onsite and in the cloud to protect against ransomware, human error, and natural disaster
  • Internal Cybersecurity Protocols – Developing user-defined roles and limiting IT access based on those roles to limit the potential of internal espionage and other damaging criminal behavior
  • Traffic Filtering – Using a pre-determined set of criteria to limit employees’ access to specific, dangerous and time-wasting websites while also limiting the access that suspicious data packets have through the firewall into your systems
  • Encryption – Protecting data by using business-grade encryption protocols for the data both when the data is in transit and when it is at rest
  • Employee Cybersecurity Awareness Training – Using ongoing online training and testing via micro-videos and quizzes to help your employees understand and recognize the avenues that cybercriminals use
  • Simulated Phishing Email Tests – Random test emails to your staff to help them better identify the ever-evolving tactics being used by bad actors to obtain usernames and passwords
  • Dark Web Scans & Monitoring – Identifying and watching for the availability of your employee’s credentials on the Dark Web as a result of hacks and breaches of others’ systems
  • 24/7 Cybersecurity Monitoring – Watching over your IT systems to ensure that no suspicious activity is taking place
  • IT Systems and Physical Access Security Systems Integrations – Working to make sure that any Internet connectivity required by physical access systems is implemented and secured
  • Cloud Security – Surveying and authenticating the IT security claims of cloud-based applications and hosting providers while giving due diligence to enabling you to use cloud assets securely
  • Email Security – Leveraging filtering protocols to protect your inbox from spam and phishing emails, as well as offering both Encryption and Archiving for our Hosted Exchange clients
  • Endpoint Security – Ensuring that each entry point to your network is locked down
  • Remote Work Security – Using VPN and Virtualization technology to secure the online work of traveling staff and remote workers

We know you have a choice when it comes to IT service & support for your Ohio organization. Choose the team that has the experience and knowledge you can trust for cost-effective, secure, and reliable information technology. Choose GO Concepts and “Don’t worry about IT.”

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