Chris Pawel

Director of Technical Operations

“Chris is the one that keeps us on track; organized, detailed, and thoughtful are just some of his great traits that truly make us better every day. He is a wonderful member of our team.”

John Gambill Jr, CEO | Co-Founder
  • • What’s your secret talent that no one knows about?
    A: It’s so secret I don’t even know it
  • • What’s your favorite movie?
    A: Gattaca
  • • What are you passionate about?
    A: Privacy
  • • How long have you been working for GO Concepts?
    A: 4 years
  • • What do you do in your spare time?
    A: PC games
  • • Which sports team do you root for?
    A: The underdog
  • • Do you play a musical instrument?
    A: No
  • • What’s the one piece of advice you would give others about life?
    A: Don’t stress over things out of your control.
  • • If you were doing something else besides this, what would it be?
    A: Pilot
  • • Do you volunteer anywhere?
    A: No
  • • What is the one thing in this world you are most proud of?
    A: My Career
  • • Do you prefer Windows or Mac? Why?
    A: Windows, gaming